Ether Flame ft. ThaSlumPoet , KamarSun, & XFlo prod. [XFlo]

Published by 2slum

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@offtopx @kamarsun @detachmentmusic ThaSlumPoet [Verse 1] poet buckin im rougin slappin hadoken rebel ronin sciple chosen burnin locks the matrix broken cities chokin barrels combin thermal FLIRing my opponent renegade surpressor moanin higher grade ain no one closer to the vision im branded golden & boasted , the flame of the ether heated move' fast as the testarossa opposin atomless ghostin' im whippin; driftin' & shiftin' slum image properly pistoned mechanic passin emissions tha mission engine efficient envision squashin division definitive fuck religion yall studyin darker than fiction yall pushin tha intermission & separating the prisms yall vessels turnin to prisons the poet godbody risen the helix dun broke the schism my DNA come inscription im off on that higher wisdom you eatin' shittin & pissin my verbals align ignition the matrix body is glitchin ive given answers conditioned yall lovin the tyrant christian KamarSun [Verse 2] we astral blast those assholes stagnated no flow try to stab the iron shirt the blade wouldn't go. through the shelid. work the field, organic fertilizing for a heavy yield. food for meds fuck a pill. you lack the will you will fell the pain blood drains into the river banks giving thanks for mother nature. with the sun the true created hot like volcano craters. utrvoilent damaging you stiff as manikins transformed into a Sith like Anakin. the dark side is where the truth lies. the light is illusion. my fist will give your ass contusion. for thinking all vegans weak have your blood leaking in the streets. sipping liquids through a straw for weeks. sharp swords cutting through the beast. he limited the universe will not renew the lease. wild edible plants I will always eat. Ether Flame never speak the sacred name. free the chains from the mind 9 to the 9th power of nine. Detachment tribe its our time. Ether flame realign XFlo [Verse 3] Bring me the skillet, I burn it before I kill it. Shinobi is how I kick it, Bruce lee with the knowledge vision. The shots coming they whizzing, They humming steady ripping, The opposition there's no competition, Isms or contradictions. Alienated cus I'm not affiliated, With the demons imitating, the beast ain't intimidating. feeling reinvigorated, premeditated incinerated, Incinerate ether flame, with the flame I'm conjugated. I'm ducking incarceration, And busting my thoughts ablazing. They Can't stand the radiation, I'm blinding no obligation, Destroying the condemnation, They laying deep in the basement. That Old shit been played out, it's time for a replacement. Fresh up out the chambers, now we off to the races, Broke up out the slums, bitch we coming for your payments. Watch the system fall, as we bring it to the pavement, Ground zero flow, you gon' feel the earth quaking, Flow encrypted, like DNA shifting

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