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iPhone Chronicles part I : slumgod @awaebeats it's the haphazard assailant dronin monitor white collar blue regalia gutter genie grimey lamp im tryna tell ya swappin all ya wishes now my merkaba italia invasion of the nurses vaccination plague appear fuh exhaustion from tha leer nanotech up in tha air nuh burrowed in tha vascular tha cardio can't heal na pyramid spectular vernacular an ill sum gone off tha lucid slum work that sundial these shadows ruthless politician green mile eagle slumped the cool kid third reich abandoned nueremberg now tha roles fixed flip tha kill switch thats a pill drum fuck a mag boy them 'ceuticals 4 children choppin at the roots but ain't questioning tha building seven holy reverends 9/11 speed adrenaline address a lot of things Silverstein I got a sentence dirty ole' van & tha windows potus tinted black ski fan og black vans got 2 black hands voodoo vintage nam' surpressor silent when I comb through blackjack forcefold em with that old truth 21 & get em slum I'm properly positioned too corrective lenses needed distance scoping trigger old news barrel drawing rouge impressions omen w a gold tooth reaper come benevolent choose passion or the rare fruit shackled to the matrix plugged surrogate w no clue found the rabbit hole neo soul why y'all choose blue #audio #slumgod

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