lagooN prod. [Eddie's Mashed Potatoes]

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iPhone Chronicles Part I : slumgod @eddiesmashedpotatoes swampy god of lucid pilot slum position pennants plucked the wings of Icarus I'm off the highest heavens peelin' off tha tapestry my optic triple sevens, scenery disasterly strings pullin' puppet menace , tha rebel fisted arrogant pretentious maybe terroristic threats I'm on tha terrace w the heiress slum a veteran to death hara kiri rouge seppuku shoryuken out the belly of tha beast grippin techs pilot flex boxer's reach it's time to eat , in my pineal the seat of the maddened master method haters biting losing teeth then I haunt in em they sleep rebels caution tiger creep black suppressor gutter reaper scythe a squad dark matter fleet boy ayahuasca shaman tripping ether in the air glow 3PR tha visionary astral body heir know viral diction slum encryption party at tha lair though dungeon master rollin' dices infantry appearin doped REBELSHIT I never miss yung perch the eagle slumped low Boonies in the rubble flowin" movin balance tightrope stacking off tha hand grenade concussion rival stunned & slowed revolution laser beams blue infrared smell fear & know slumapocalyptic mad max yoda rebel flow conduit of force gave tha world tha people's elbow nanotech screen up above their satellite tha error though a couple lawyers missing bankers signed away tha death note #audio #slumgod

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