ringleader prod. [Ballers Eve]

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iPhone Chronicles part I : slumgod patchworkn' fallin angels Past worship different angles game cold in my strangle evidence leave em tangled movin mach barrier I'm supersonic scouter broke eyes on ison lasso comets belly sharks kraken ima handle it liu kang serpent dragon bicycle kickin' amateurs kundalini ether true spinal fire fiendin' solar operated dial cardiac the optic feelin' scenery a tapestry unicorn a perfect meanin divinity 'tached to me the prophet pilot appearin' gifted straight from the gods now I'm feelin in charge chakra tight now tha noose gone rebel fight Sergeant jones home black light DNA form liquid sword see tha mountains watch me terraform scribe solid wit tha knowledge of the beast's thorn ink potent fire starter that's a shit storm mailboxing envelopes duty calls the mother mourns grocery list read death or wish yung cannon fodder war norm .50s exercising anti air pilot tomb form society the future slum hungry knowledge forum rappin bred the medium more data than a seeded torrent lookin' at the moon why it grayscale when's the next deployment . Kubrick & I wonder bout the rest of em do they get it or they not coming .. #audio #slumgod

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