Herschel prod. [PVLMS]

Published by 2slum

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iPhone Chronicles part I : slumgod moonlit terror missile basking in imminence , rebel forces ready soldier poet spark tha' filament , def con alpha omega wakin tha regimen , people sound tha sirens of violence cities are destined with, gotta break tha tyrants who filin Eugenist steppin in, genocide eugenics their mission pandemic 'pocalyse, aimin' fir the peak of mountain ain't no one toppin this , slum a young prophet the pilot riot tha populous , moltov I'm thrashing & lashing raging a octopus, future vision strong they swear I smuggled binoculars, a couple hundred tall my shoe prints leaving photographers, poet gettin raw I'm startin to think im popular .. I mean .. I do what I can god nearing slum ringleader appearing solar operated era errorless tha heir revering at the portraits of the parents painted stories not of pairing now distorted is tha tortoise elder bark the soulful cadence generation so contagious population wanna plantiff self law ready master kamikaze my own chapter fist headed for the stars colliding with different actors visuals intoxicating I'm snappin I'm in godly fashion paparazzi runnin rampant & retina scanning tha challenge rebel forces burn tha houses resistance standin about us & they tried to keep us quiet we coming corner of mountains wolverine red dawn outfitted in alpha faction tigerstripe slanted paws we takin tha whole battalion REBELSHIT fist for cause guerrilla movement a stallion Molotov scene charred I'm bathing tha youthful fountain between the panels of life stuck gnawing away enamel that's how I feel about It #audio #slumgod

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