Lethal prod. [KamarSun]

Published by 2slum

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put it in headphones .. come through neck snapping wanna glimpse like what happen this tha boat I'm co captain pilotin I'm verbal trappin keep it humble rappin bragging all these stencils false a flagging fuckers they just make up artists fiending for tha pageant magic princess swag I'm scalping addicts blowing brains designing attics y'all want yeezy bring me jigga watch tha throne I'll pull tha trigger torch tha lawn tha snakes for dinner voodoo pack I hush tha sinners play tha role a misted villain frequent those I come to pillage cap an gown I'm graduated when I speak they captivated rolling in the riches I'm so wealthy couldn't calculate it slum he got a dynasty of sleeper cells now activated Dutchman of the pirate seas can't board tha dock I'm renegaded think they hate it when he make it every page they getting jaded pilot pushing pinnacles persistent critics cynical they wish that they could pen it so I'm breakin all that limits though intoxicating feel it mo Im standing on different floor bruising fusing fists & faces ruthless this tha euthanasia of tha otha rappers ima genoicde can't cool my vapors damn I'm heating now they seeing I ain't stopping still trapezing rebel call I'm masterpiecing be the best just one of reasons dark n gutter fuck another journey man y'all life is dim I'm serving all this capital I'm creepin w this with boonie brim surpressor on the capital I'm aiming for the one percent that infrared that laser beam that figurehead done met his end this cold steel machete haunter feeding nightmares boonies up tha rebels tasking we gon stalk tha night air steppin stealth guerrilla movement tigers leave the bones bare Grim reaper not needed slum scalped the next heir #audio #wrath

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