Mermaid prod. [JAMES LEEWAY]

Published by 2slum

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pen inscribed forever flawless moving chi with ease I harness now she only undergarments complaints next door loud apartment form follow function or the formula in 30 days notorious linguistic shades amorous in a liquid haze embrace her ain't no time for chase with every motion rage erase and in our place our spirits face we sharing in a different space the queen the only stable or im missing like a castaway believe me when I tell you this the rebel heart I hide away the one who wants the villain slain the one Who gives his art away in hopes to touch another soul and maybe change a life today spill that love on every page no smokers room but still a haze of better days that passed from wishin present day this exhibition searching this a secret mission king and queen removing tension architect this current prison hand in hand we fold division currently I'm caught between a couple dreams and tyrants' screams' the matrix wanna lock us down it's mystery verse misery a silent plea reminding me to never stop I hold the key to questions went unanswered pre determined by ya master like dammit why bother y'all ain't listening to anything just leave me to goddess we gon take it to the comets feel that energy upon us saturns rings around her promise said our heart as light lamas bank accounts are stretchin' commas lifted gifted prim precision vested pen in power pistoned pinnacle I push dimensions flexin all this golden mental quakin' it tha tempest stencil storms are coming store tha gentle merkaba this not for rental symphony on instrumentals opportune I never simple fresh as adolescent pimples smooth her curves and lower dimples scarfs on wrists you know I'm into bleeding back I know you meant to wetter than Poseidon get to feel it in the mind essential let's undress this goddess temple .. love #audio #queen

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