trainingroundz prod. unkle skunk

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tbd rollin deep wit them masters circle body wit a prism aelkamist tha last of casters grand trip full a nature slum ready for tha chambers pinnacle upon tha classless horse on tha heavy deadly we coming closer than cancers retracin step it to egypt we paradise livin fancy a top of tha tropic radar guerrilla creepin' outstandn' they shoutin' cloudin tha radar like elk tha greatest they hate on production value or k-donce like lyrically think u paid off to keep it quiet im humble expectin millions to take off aint talkin cheddar or cheeses but spiritually n ya wings off im elevatn them eyes yall sippin outta that (bis)phenol (BPA) in my mind .. eyesore rig tha mainframe unapologetic my scenarios a whole game lucid conscious travel keep it honest only self blame self love teachin' ima innerstand tha whole thing quit witted im fightin back wit tha full swing exorcize my demons they belly up in tha old me shift up on tha latest a lake n swim it i breathe trees barely on tha ancients yall wallowin in that deep freeze deep freezin yall eatin brothers in pieces they teachin kill em seasons aint riddles listing tha reasons to stand up talk to tha masses they breakin backs over gasses we turnin into a facist n worshippin camera flashes I next level ima tell u where im stationed ima prototype critic mechanic optimum placement they placed me drowning in ether im trippin staring at faces tha patience barely i manage tha spirits viewin my cases acceptance n opportunity karma givin a hazin elected founded tha leader slum pressured carbonly rated it's diamond vision ima pen it like i have it all twenty one ahead tha game im focused like its adderall i present roll up in it urban tinted jungle catalog tigerstripe weighing tha ether drop n i feel evolvd weighing on tha ancients tha counsel ready appearence lord protect me guide me haunt me if im truly to pull tha sword funeral department tha ego checkn tha nearest morgue refinery tha cadence these training grounds where we battle hordz #audio #aelkamist

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