Sound of Fury prod. Gyn 503

Published by 2slum

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2015 @gyn-503 elevated monster dont look I mongrel peasant hands bum lip yo apostle self worship - self service lumination fifth 5-speeder legs adidas in & out of slips slip streaming now her hips are gliding high off this mental frame it cuz u neva once got high like this sorry ladies mermaid swimming in my pool of bliss planet trippin aint no tension n we barely lips off tha radar swamplord creepin rebelshit ' tigerstripe that boonie right they kill on sight apply for this special forces operative im training my whole life for this guerrilla warfare iron sights on yo licenses didnt think (rep)'precussions elephunt tha funk u musta censorship my rebel mustard shout out sauce gang stay 100 813 dojo lair grow iron muscle everlast im punchin trees master self to find my hustle resurrection duval i am self law hands pressed together merkaba smellin new car eyes wide open brain focused u a new star electric body given god given never too far breathe real heavy feel ready from your new heart universe expanding only one so neva too far leaning off that crystal liquid h20 im too raw lovin just tha way i spit said slum he got that ooh drawl babylon babblin'verbal attackn em tribe my akashic i map my decathlon runnin for president off with the rest of them its open season they full of the estrogen raisin my melannin naturally medicine higher grade lessons i jet on yo jettison vision tha future yall fraudlent edison i am like tesla im here with tha messagin audio traffick im choppin this brick shootin that dope in they ear they b listenin fiend for tha music they junkies im feelin em strung off tha slum they so high they b feelin em herb upper rung heavens shelf i am infinite meditate pose i am god when u hittin it sunroof im open my chakras are wheelin it energy 'robics elektric im healin it breathe back in again, samurai swordsman against hordes of horsemen vernacular sudden im between ya brain hercules strength ima start where u finish i keep it too real so they keep all tha fame i aint no gangsta a guntoting critic but hostage these verses the beat all tha same wanna a feature the verse u gon hang come at tha squad but you boys got no aim bark like a dog but u puppy get maimed shout to tha tribe 11 all named akashic my reference unhanging tha frame moving tha ether like dhalsim i flame dna 'crypted unlock and ungame filling tha sky and its falling no rain damn damn na na na moon high like an angry wayward soldier cool fire snake charmer weather tha smolder serpent rise together now we unmolding jackass tha building finally folding rollin, trippin on cave walls hieroglpyhs amidst tha mist of my own face god belly demons stomach swinging my own hate lord on my knees i bear the hate of my own race god please forgive us for the ones who bring the hate lord please forigve me for the ones i use to hate god put within me light eternal what u hate

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