Heavy prod. Viktor Zero

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2015 @viktorzero rollin thru motions and i breathe brethe hevy x 4 i said i aint wun 4 for words matterfact lets transition only verbs let's get it moving coastin' floor da escalator stupid flooring foregins a vision had it a year old move it faster slum rapper raps icey cold as this global warming tha polar caps melting omen kid earthquake big amma ache what u think of this just forgiveness u can learn a lesson listen thiss off mistakes we gonna move it to the next life spirit body astral kami lookout my mind dodgin's demons thru seasons easy it aint as scenic look into yourself the hardest but the gifts the reason universal i am in it i am godly body touched divine tha heavens heavens fillin up my body sprining prana aint no voodoo i aint preachin father talking bout mama universe im one wit dharma said im gonna play the tool the instrument of heavens hello cool ruleless poet many open when the music hit rhyme scheme this heater voice get u travelin' out dimensions lightbody pilot u handling beaming treasures i legend engine the height of this just close ya eyes dont try to understand this limits this just let it go n feel tha jolt electric gonna hit takin u away to u a far away place that the demons cant reach we x 2 third up in the vision like a pyramid or prism where the demons cant reach me x2 im just free .. #audio #aelkamist

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