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@gyn503 i made up another word speaking rose that phoenix burned the now we flood the scene erode talkin bout we here forever words immortal die or fold duckin from them vultures cultures tucked away tha height of those cable linked up turn that sync up frequency we break tha mold off that nature etheric vapors feet the earth we channel gold ankh my ethers turn my heat up yall gon feel the soul exposed hit yu wit a beam o flight so bright tha pain and pain will go leave wit u feather heart ya mind n soul are free to go unlock them chains swoosh bring that flame they kick yo door sum sneakers get up on that real its habit dont do many features spinning like i think its average back to the boards im preaching try a song no purpose mind bomb claymore tick im egypt prism black hole spacing might of midas mindless made it switching swinging atoms scrove it wit a flaming tip the greatest flow a float a missile right up fly like they gon play this strapped wit angel wings they hidden tucked between the safes with mountains capped in dark side trickin; gold on base wit lunar landing asking nasa houston like they aint trip been up moon n back THA BASIC polaroid incase u hating audio recorded major hit the scene the frame ablazing #audio #scrove

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