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always remember how rock bottom feels mixed mastered at Thornwall Studios (SNXP) Get out my brain All yall insane Give me a blade Self with erase Murder she wrote when she opened the case What the fuck have I done Dropped him till his eyes shut Drink and drug abusing and I use it when the time comes 90 in the whip and im cruising with a time crunch Headbanging shit im gonna do it till im mind fucked (BEARDED LEGEND) I don't fuck with the fakes at all I don't fuck with the fakes at all You can do what you want, I don't give a fuck, never see your face at all. Leaving everyone behind and I don't even fucking miss 'em They ain't ever fucking love me, they ain't down with my system. Bitch, I'm on to fucking something, except I got a malfunction I got demons as my brothers and some angels as my cousins All my shit be popping off like a renegade at war just a motherfucking boss that you bitches can't ignore I am only out to win it every second, every minute, crossing every fucking boundary, overcoming all the limits. Aye. (SNXP) Don't wanna hear shit unless it is yes I already addressed problems that have gon a mess Flip my shit right over like a car wreck Do us all favor and get gone or go hit the deck You a fucking pest Parasite at best You been sucking all my blood banging out chest What you gonna do When you out juice All problems all mine but they come to you Out the blue suicidal thoughts gon block my view Is it fucking true Bout to blow my fuse Is it fucking true All of you Salvage The Doom Reaper coming through soon He'll be in walking ur shoes ah I don't even know my fucking past Doing laps around you cats with your selfish acts Gimme a baseball bat we’ll leave no shit intact We’ll end this shit right now i'm talking fucking asap #audio #Djent

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