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Jaipur, Ganpati Nagar, India
Last online: 1 year ago

i write articles by my knowledge and experience on a particular topic.i believe experience with knowledge(based on research and experience) conquers over just knowledge.every topic on which i like to write ,seems heart touching because i choose content and way which make readers comfortable with my words and purpose of my writing. i try my utmost to make my writing worthy for clients’ money and guarantee 100% satisfaction.actually i never attempt to write on each random topic just to earn money , i just write on particular topics which make me write for my passion and satisfaction towards myself.i write every article after a lot of research and data analysis to make reader get my main theme of writing and fulfill motive of my client.i can take long time than others but can not compromise with quality of my content at any cost.my hobbies are =aricle reading,blog reading,report analysis,business reports analysis(offline OR online) ,traveling on new sights,to help animals and orphans by donation. AT last but not least “why am i here”=HONESTLY to be a HAND PICKED WRITER and believe me, one day i will be but platform may be different(does not matter). this is why i am just a part time writer and i spend a major part of my day in learning new skills and knowledge by reading and analysis. i believe a writer should have a vast knowledge to write on a particular topic to be very informative for its readers.

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Education, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Government, Computers & Electronics, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Non-Profit Organization, Travel & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Other

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