SaBo-FX - Climax

Published by Joost Kuin

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This tune was inspired by a song that resurfaced from a backup CD from the year 1999 that I found back amongst my closed full of shit. The original song was called “Blood War” by Jess D Skov-Nielsen from Denmark (also known as Ramzo). He composed the song to enter the Creative (Labs) Open MIDI Contest which he won with this track. I found out on that he entered the track into the completion with as comment: ”This tune is inspired from the AD&D world ‘Planescape’ where there is an eternal battle between hundreds of demons and devils of hell called ‘The Bloodwar’.” The music competition was organized by Creative Labs to promote their ‘Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold card’ audio card. Back in the previous century, this was an amazing piece of hardware for anyone wanting to get into electronic composition of music. When I got my hands on my own ‘Sound Blaster AWE64’ back in 1999, it really kicked my music into gear. With the soundcard came a CDROM with drivers and also some demonstration MIDI files. One of these tracks was “Blood War”. #audio #Trance

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