Moving City-Moving Type [ Megalingual Broadcasting News ]

Published by Saber Javanmard

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Local Languages & Writing Systems in the future cities “ The history of written messages is only a tiny fraction of history of language. The oldest written records are about 5,000 old. So it is clear that writing is not really necessary for human communication. There are about 7,000 languages in the world. For instance, in India there are over 400 languages.There are estimates that by the end of the century,80% of those languages will disappear. There are various reasons for disappearance of languages.One of them is that English is very popular, and erases differences between regions and casts. However, a loss of language is similar to loss of biodiversity. With a loss of language we lose access to information available only in that particular language.” [ Font, letters and language lecture by Peter Bilak ] ------------------------------------------- Since I’m from Iran in which the used language is Persian and the writing system is Arabic which is totally different than Western world, therefore there is always a big chance of mixing the languages and writings. For instance, in my daily conversations and chats, I use both English and Persian languages and type in Arabic and English letters and most of the time I combine them (Pinglish). Although, the idea of importing some words from other languages to an existing language has been one of the linguistic ways during the time to keep that language alive and refreshed. Howbeit, the idea of this artwork is based on the imaginary city in the future in which I already have learned some words from all those spoken languages by my friends and the people I’ve had contact with. In this situation in an extreme way, there is no Self-reliant language and writing system left. The only remained thing is a weird language and writing, mixed of all existing languages. So, for this project I tried to show the feeling of loosing someone’s mother tongue extremely by making a poster, newspaper and a video. All these visual outputs are supposed to announce the audience about this reality in a critical way and try to find a solution to keep the local languages and writings in the future multi-lingual Mega Regions. #video #movie #clip

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