Asparagus Remastered (download link in description)

Published by Sahjon

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I named this track Asparagus because it has bad taste, but it's good for you...or that's at least what I told myself haha Download link: Lyrics: Made this in under a power nap My bars so hard that they shatter dabs Kick back, wrote in aftermath Zig zags, almost outa packs I need that, rolling out the sack My tree loud, almost shatter glass Haha face it most don't pass This life fast don't waste it Find time to laugh If you wana take it, don't be the last. Rolling around in a big grass field after all these years I'm still thinking about you (x3) Push forward, siempre adalente so what if we can't all marry Beyonce aint a damn price on the sun still I see it shine so I smile and I bump feeling I'm on trial and the earth is my judge took a trip with tabs, thats twelve hour fun maybe I should rap less well maybe you should eat dung success, give me some undress, here I come Chorus Incase you didn't know it's produced by Sahjon written, mixed, and mastered by the only one you know I flow like the chosen one and feel for the people who can't get a hold of love I know it's tough when it takes control of us, the feeling sunk, float back up. I miss you much, feel like we can't speak so I open up write a song hope you know whatsup. Chorus #audio #Hiphop Rap #sahjon #vibes #bayarea #rap #fun

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