Kiss the Disco (Sandra Dee's New Years Resolution Demo, late night master mix)

Published by Sandra Dee

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So this is my first ever track, produced entirely via Ableton Live 9, using a beats hp laptop with the beats audio settings turned off, my entry level sennheiser headphones and my trusty jvc micro-system speakers as stand in for proper studio monitors. I then checked against my partners awesome Sennheisers (They belonged to Lisa Lashes, Kev was doing sound at a gig here in NZ and during her set they must have broken and she threw them on the floor. Kev being the tech head he is picked them up and repaired them - he's been rocking them ever since... but I digress). Whilst making Kiss the Disco I maxed out the CPU on my laptop a lot. I am thinking I may eventually need a Mac? I also accidentally missed out an entire acapella when rendering at the end so the end result means the track title doesn't quite make sense anymore. I decided to run with it anyway as I wanted to share it with everyone and use it as a starting point. Feedback is very welcome as this is all a learning curve. I started learning Ableton in December 2013 and have had 3 formal intro lessons with Paddy Free at Mainz and after that I have spent time practising and familiarising myself with the software and self teaching via the internet all the various bits and pieces I need to know to make music - theory + practice makes perfect yes?! ... oh this is also close to 10 minutes long (the original mix was over 30 minutes as I had no concept of time during the creative process - so easy to do when your headphones are comfy and you're lost in the sound. I have given it a nickname of proggy froggy - because to me it has a proggy feel and it's a little bit crazy as it hops along. Do what you love, love what you do X #audio #Progressive #Psychedelic #Remix #Acapella #Original #Ableton #Hardtechno #Psytrance #proggy #froggy

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