*FREE DOWNLOAD* iLife (Garageband Rough Mix) - S.A.N.D.Y original

Published by Sandra Dee

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so my laptop died recently and out of desperation I started mucking around with an old version of garageband on a very old macbook ... this is all made from my own MIDI and more or less on the fly with a bit more thought put into the melody - I'm still developing the overall idea but this is the first bounce I've committed to. I've started improving my overall music theory and keyboard skills so this may show in some of my more recent work as I start to upload it... I hope so anyway, haha! Feedback welcome as always. Free download provided this time and I've used a Creative Commons License, please contact me if you are going to use the song for anything other than personal reasons. Much love, S Xx #audio #House #SANDY #DIGITAL #LOVE #CHILLED #GARAGEBAND #ORIGINAL

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