Sangwoo Lee
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Seoul, Myeong-dong, South Korea
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    1. 29

1st President of VAS(Veterans Association of Sangguen)
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2008 quit Deagu Foreign Language Highschool
2009 qualification exam for higher education
2010 Business administration in Sogang university, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition
2013 result report exhibition – Solomon artist in residency, Seoul, Korea

2014 89plus exhibition “Poetry will be made by all!”,LUMA/westbau, Zurich, Switzerland.
co-curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simon Castets and Kenneth Goldsmith, with Danny Snelson

2013 Solomon artist in residency, Seoul, Korea


2014 7 Poems – Line 2 Project, 7편의 시- 2호선 프로젝트


2014 89PLUS/LUMA Foundation

Opening Performance

2013 Sexual favours , Solomon artist in residency, Seoul, Korea

2014 Requiem, 89plus exhibition “Poetry will be made by all!”, LUMA/westbau, Zurich, Switzerland.

Born 29/ 08/ 1990

I was born in Deagu, Korea and moved to the seoul to enter the university.
Being a 3rd-year undergraduate in Sogang university, Korea, I’m majoring in Business administration. My major was not my plan but my parents forced me to study business. So I taught myself in art by reading books and meeting art world’s people.
As started “Line 2 project”(2012), I’m concentrating on reversing or collapsing the “authority” which pressing us in daily routine, but people didn’t noticed.
To take off the authority, I’m breaking “Taboos” around our life which contains social or cultural intentions, in many ways like performance, photo, poem and videos and so on. Uncomfortable feeling that I made can help people to see which intentions and misunderstandings are laying in our life unnoticed.

I have kept concentrating on reversing or collapsing the “authority,” which we do not usually notice pressing us in our daily routine. The general public think their collective behavior patterns or preferences make their own culture, rules or system. But when the systems or cultures around us reveal their hidden identities, made not by our will but by system itself, we might find ourselves surprised and uncomfortable because these stand against our common idea and undermine our stability.

To remove authority, I am breaking “taboo”s around our lives, which contain social or cultural intentions, through various ways such as performances, photographs, poems, videos and so on. The uncomfortable feeling that I provoke may help people to see which intentions and misunderstandings are lying in our life unnoticed.

I am specifically using two methods to visualize my intention. First is “to Inflict system itself”, and the other is “to expose hidden authority in culture”.

By my first work, “Line 2 project” (2012), I revealed my interest on authority of system itself. Here, I made disturbances by attaching poems on the screen doors in subway lines, similar to original ones. This work questions to the one-sided delivery of ‘culture’ by government, which is taken for granted by ordinary people. Also this critical attention to the system and ways of inflicting it continue by my recent works like “My Tomb” (2014). To express my contradictory recognition and position to academic factionalism, I spit on the main gate of Sogang University where I attend, turning around it and polishing it.

Also I subverted the patriarchal authority in Korean culture through my work “Penis” (2013). In this work, I put father’s old, limp, and naked body and small penis with the symbols of father’s authority. By this way, I could contrast the ideal father figure in Confucian culture and the real father’s figure of these days. This way of my works also continues in “Requeim” (2013), which exposed authority of the human species by breaking the stuffed animal and gathering the shattered pieces.

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