The Difference Between You And I

Published by Sarah Molly

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ughh high school, ya know? lyrics: You walk down a dirt path barefoot barely there barely even breathing and you suck in the air like you own it like it gives you something special we don’t all get From an outsider looking in you’re quite a spectacle you’re supernatural but you’re tilting your head and you’re dragging your feet You can no longer support this structure and as the fog sets in you’re sinking in your own skin your ribs begin to crack Is this the final straw? We watch you crawl, crawl, crawl You think you’re the last one on this planet but we slipped something in your drink meant to change the way you think meant to send you to the brink We invaded your consciousness I’m afraid there is no cure for this we pretended to like you just so we could psych you out and suddenly you trip over nothing this is all a bad dream didn’t know suffering and now you do we gave you a strong dose of the most toxic revenge You’re coming to an end poisoned by your friends #audio #original #jazz #kittens #loops #garageband #friends #forest #imagery #miley #cyrus #deadliest #catch #song #music #ears #mind #body #soul #SingerSongwriter

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