Vampires suck. (ha ha)

Published by Sarah Molly

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surprisingly upbeat lyrics: i felt powerful safe old young shoulder, hips i remember little things busy repairing the world origins of a hardened heart an everlasting argument yikes. Were you born to deflate my ego? were you born to deny my dance? were you born out of something evil? does your kind even know romance? I will stick to my guns on this one i will sleep with an open eye there will not be a chance to take me to the sea, on the land, in the sky. Can you feel my warm heart racing? can you feel anything at all? don't know how you claim to love me when you can't even touch me without wanting to kill me. I suggest you go back to hiding be another face in the crowd I hope you enjoy your biting so exciting, so exciting. I would say that we're not that different (dreams are broken) I would say that we had a chance (dreams are sweet) but it wouldn't do me any favors (need a man to sweep me) to hold an untruthful stance (off of my feet). Walk away in the moonlight glistening walk away in the midnight air I'll admire you from a distance while i contemplate our affair. #audio #pop #semiacapella #creativity #oohs #and #ahs #garageband #songwriting #poetry #fantasy #elegant #pop #drama #the #drama #is #real #ragtime #jump #once #for #noodles #hello #SingerSongwriter

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