Death Of The Moth

Published by Savan DePaul

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Produced by Savan DePaul Written by Savan DePaul Mixed by Savan DePaul lyrics A normal day, nectar’s taste intoxicates me I zoom past a hive- they’ve gotta hate me Taking a shortcut through the brush I don’t have to lie I’m telling you this story in my afterlife We our kind have our sisters and brothers Who live, drink, reproduce, and die just like the others My case was no exception So sit down and listen to this tale told from my perspective Me and my mates have drinks at the local stigma Petals are our barstools- wait for the nectar to hit ya I leave the spot and bid my sisters ado My girl’s kids are hungry- gotta get there soon As I notice the skies above, that shade of blue ankle...what’s this!...oh dear... Lord, that’s a wolf to me but a pest to you My leg and thorax, all ensnared in her silky matrix of death (gasp) Taking a breath I want to fly away, but I’m trapped My killer crawls forth without repentance In this sentence, I’d like to mention of her hunger and rage So I’m gonna meet my maker When she tests my flavor, I’ll rejoin the insect savior In the equation of life, this is a subtraction Here’s my reaction to being held captive by an arachnid I’m frightened- I see her out of the corner of my compound eyes For flying too close, I’ve been chosen as the predator’s prize I’m waiting for a bird to swoop in or another miracle Antennae slowly twitching, air pumping through spiracles I wonder if the afterlife is ethereal I’ll find out when my killer uses her digestive material A fang in the abdomen, this is the end Farewell to my friends The spider’s leg bends around my carapace Tearing it- ah! you derelict I’m fading...loss...of cousciouness...needy of oxygen Leaking...venom...I’m...gone and it’s...the moth...I’m coming... Gone to the obelisk of light.... Those lights go off and then on and then on and then... Gone... #audio #indie hip hop #boom #bap #Abstract #Electronic #Hip #Hop

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