Brian Quaglia II
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Hong Kong
Last online: 2 years ago

I am an alumni of Savannah College of Art and Design. I have been studying in the Hong Kong Campus for the last 5 years gaining knowledge not only from the school but the busy industries around Hong Kong. At an early age i was introduced into the Graphic Design World through my father. During my High School years i was working as a junior designer creating Skateboards, Bikes, Toy Cars, and many more items. While working on these projects i had the privilege to travel into China and visit factories. There i learned how things are made and how to save time on the production like. Things like how to save costs not only on Packaging but Product as well. In my recent years i have been working closely with a new brand called EDGE. Through this new venture i have been quickly learning how to not only make a brand but also how to sell one. Sitting in meetings with large companies like Toys R Us, K-mart, and Walmart has shown me that not only do you need to have a Great Design but you also need something Priced the right way.

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