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FUCK DA LAW, BREAK DA LAW I.$CREW PRODUCED: I. SLICK KILLA LYRICS: Pimp a hoe slap a bitch got the blade got the switch who want that Buck psychopathic lunatic I'm on the run I got choppa got Uzi got the tec and got guage if a nigga run up then I guess he wants some Ana if a bumpin lip then ima have too show him Anna gotta ak47 and the bitch holding banana pull up on a mothafuckka all my niggas ready for some murda mane All my niggas ready for some murda stang All of my niggas are stuck up in the game All my niggas they mind is deranged Loading the Uzi I'm making it rain Underground cult mane we deep in this thang We just don't rap we shoot everythang Kreepin and lurking in shadow up deep undercover im Thuggin and tuggin the name of the game and I'm loading revolver then switch in yo lane then I light up yo whip and I call it a stang then I call up the crew now we smoking on Jane then I call up the hoes now we sniffin on cane then I clean up my gat now we call it a day but you sucksas be lurking so I'm blastn ya brain Roamin kreepin with my knife lookin for a sacrifice smoking on a sack light Anna all up on My mind murda all up in My eyes bout too take this pussy life represent the anti Christ come with me you must comply FUCK DA LAW, BREAK DA LAW (×666 #audio #PHONK #Underground #Undergroundcult #Sadphonk #Sadphonkrecords

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