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NIGHT OF DA $ILVERBACK I. $ C R E W PRODUCED BY: I. iHAVEONCECHANCE MIXED BY: I. BOODANG LYRICS: 1983 we disco dancing in the light Coke filled nostrils empty bottles Mane its gonna be a night Hope these bustas want no Ana cause I brought my fucking knife If it's problems that you have then it' is best you take my life Dancing and clapping the bitches are laughing the smoke is all passing the music is blasting I'm feeling the vibe but not feeling romantic my heart is so cold and I'm feeling no tragic for taking yo body and doing that damage I love you so much that yo face I can't stand it I chopped off yo head and stood in the pentagram call out too baphomet leader of silverbacks #audio #PHONKNO #undergroundcult

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