A Tale of Two Hearts (feat. Oceanically)

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I wish to thank https://www.twine.fm/signin from the bottom of my heart for the contribution of her writing talent and voice for this piece once again. Acoustic tracks are admittedly in the minority of what I do, but they nonetheless--along with the piano--have always had a special place in my heart for when I just wanted to unwind. I hope this soothes you all the same. :] _______________________ _______________________ Lyrics by https://www.twine.fm/signin Night and day, have no meaning any more. When you lead me to another world, that lays outside the door. that you searched and earned, through the strife and hurt. Now you're here, have no fear. And the stars are there to guide you through the best of times. And when the blessings arrive in the battlefield of all kinds, the paint brush that can alter skies will be of help, to magnify the light. in nights of fright. sound the chimes, whenever you're near. I'll meditate with the wind, that flows through the atmosphere, little melodies so crystal clear, whisper of the heart. tearing me apart, in tears charmed, with your heart. and only yours. You make my eyes a fluorescent violet. You make me see dimensions, I've never seen before. You are the light in the darkness of life You are my saviour, Be mine, and I'll be yours. #audio #Ambient #chillout #downtempo #oceanically #a #tale #of #two #hearts #feat #singer #vocals #songwriter #piano #classical #new #age #free #download #free #music #underground #original #collab

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