[Dream.DOT - 2012] Dream.Dearest

Published by SenzaFine

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For this Throwback Thursday, I'll start uploading a new track from the Dream.DOT album I put together back in 2012 every couple of days... ^^ Nothing much more to say other than that! Back then, I made the album as a story, interconnected in theme - the same contemplative, dreamy "trip" that leads to the musings belonging to each of the tracks - so I'll upload them in the same "chronological" order as I did then, for the most part. (The clipping in the pad, if they were intentional then, I would surely change now... But my computer exploded. No .flp file. sadfase) ________________________________________ (There are no lyrics.) Beyond what was I found a paradise, Neither mine nor yours, One without order. It melted in my palm, The photographic images trickling down And painting the floor in a shade of Unreality. Once I was chest-deep, I submerged myself into a crystal clear universe, And it smiled at me, in the wake of my sleep, Offered me a translucent arm To redefine the world. But it was neither your paradise Nor mine. #audio #ambient #atmospheric #downtempo #chill #chillout #meditate #meditation #piano #pads #silence #silent #Mc #mellow #dreamdot #album #ep #compilation #old #throwback #TBT #reupload #free

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