World Sound Cup Clash 2009 In London Pt4

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Veröffentlicht: 30 März, 2009 in 4. Miscellaneous Schlagwörter:Barrier Free, Bass Odyssey, Blunt Posse, Bodyguard, Brixton Academy, Clash, Dancehall, London, One Love, Reggae, Shashamane, World Sound Cup Clash It took almost 71/2 hours to fly from Atlanta to London’s Gatwick Airport. But being able to attend World Cup 2009 was well worth it. arrived at the Brixton O2 Academy at approximately 11:15pm. There was no line outside and I started to wonder if there would be a low turn out. Inside just about 200 people were assembled. This crowd would grow to almost 3500 by the time the event ended. Early juggling was done by local London sounds, Eartquake, Stereo Mello, World Tower & I believe Super Cliff. Normally early juggling sounds do a good job of helping to create a early vibe in the dance so that the feature sounds would already have a crowd that’s already in the vibe. But it seems to me that these sounds were more interested in showing off their dub arsenal. Never have I heard so many “early juggling sounds” for a clash play whole rounds of nothing but dubs. While some of the dubs did well to get a few forwards such as World Towers’s Singing Melody, ’1st thing early Sunday morning’ and his Cocoa Tea “we kill dem now” Super Cliff’s Sanchez ’ Lots of sound in life” did well all the other dubs did nothing to increase the vibe. As most people just stood there watching. The clash started at around 12:45 to 1am. The host for the night was shared between Dancehall DJ Lexxus and Romo. Each did well in spelling out the rules and keeping things in order. Lexxus was quite funny when he said, ‘ Barrier Free a hear say you wicked wid martial arts, but this war is not physical, only verbal” However, while spelling out the rules for the clash they made a very shocking announcement. There would be no homophobic comments to the crowd in other words no battyman forwards, sounds were ok in calling each other battyman but they could not ask the crowd if they hate battyman etc. later in the dance Ajax from Blunt Posse would make a excellent speech about this controversial rule. More on that later. The clash started with a NO ELIMINATION ROUND and then it went into round 1, 2 etc. Shashamane was picked to go 1st., however, because of technical difficulties in hooking up their laptop they were bypassed and Barrier Free who was picked to go second went 1st instead. I must be honest I like most others thought that Barrier Free was just another Mighty Crown wannabe, but by all accounts BF had their own style and did well in holding their own.. Their 1st dub was a counteraction of sorts when they played a tune that said “ sound nuh ready” mocking Shashamane for not being ready to play. Thay got a big forward for this. They then played a Sanchez ‘Here I am” followed by a Cocoa Tea & Bounty Killa combination”Who shall BF fear & the Lord is my light and salvation”. This also received a big fwd.. Jah Cure’s “ Love is the only solution”, Buju’

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