Showtime Entertainment Records
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Atlanta, United States
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The record label was established on October 27, 2014 by the CEO, Founder, Owner, and music artist, Antoine Harden, known to world as Showtime, while developing his music career, he also developed the tools to create an organization that gave inspiring artists like himself an opportunity to achieve their dreams in music. He believes everyone deserves a chance at their dream. The label is structured off the past and current conflicts between mainstream labels and artists. Here we use the mission statement, “Save our artists money, Make our artists money, and protect our artists”. That is the heartbeat of this label. We don’t just build stars, or just make money; We build a strong, close-knit family. We also develop our artists into great entrepreneurs so they will be able to keep their money long after their music careers. Everything is made possible because our network throughout the world. We have teamed up with some of the biggest, upcoming companies, foundations, organizations, and people and we will continue to grow for years to come. Showtime Entertainment Records, we are Showtime Entertainment The Movement.

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    uniE603 Showtime - Fuck Nigga (Bang Bang) [Remix] ft. JP