Cypher- Vices

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Oh No, Here i go again, Fucked up in dis bitch smoking and drinking a 5th of Hen, Dont know where im going cant even remeber where i been, but i know theres a party so u know that im going in, Im not drinking and Driving im driving and drinking, Mutha fucka what is u thinking already know its the weekend, Smoking hella weed indeed betta believe im chiefin, im mixing ecstasy with Hennessy and weed im tweaking, i mean damn, im jiggin hard and im feeling myself. feeling so good im in love but im killing myself, i need help but i pop another pill and then melt, into the seat then i journey with a hobbit and elf, eating shrommz of da hand off, oh shit im trippin balls dawg this bitch just transformed into Gandalf, who the fuck turn the fan off, im sweating harder then Donald trump snorting coke in a mexican stand off, Ordale mutha fuck tu puta maricon hit a line den i hit da bong, add dat with every other drug im on you should prolly leave me lone cause im in my zone, i cant hear shit but the bass in the beat and i cant stop moving even if i tried, im so high im trying to concentrate on not trippin cause im thinking that im finna die. #audio #Cyp #rap #ver

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Sikwitit904 @Sikwitit9043 years ago

Was part of a hip hop cypher i wrote for but i did not make this beat just wrote and rap


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