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Rijeka, Croatia
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Many years of experience with graphic design and only positive achievements.

Here is a brief insight into why:
In my line of work you never expected and shows an intuitive understanding of the project that can not be taught. As a graphic designer I worked for clients such as: personal and business coaches, investors and analysts, journalists and editors, thought leaders and spiritual teachers, nutritionists and personal trainers, professional speakers and trainers, law firms and legal advisors, radio, television and film producers, marketing consultants and researchers, sociologists and humanitarian workers, authors, writers, bloggers, doctors and dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists, graduate students and teachers.

Why am successful in my job?

1: I love what I do, I’m serious about what I do and it shows in my work.

2: I can exceed your expectations and show you smile :)

3: I work with the highest quality and do the work on time.

My goal "I want to create the perfect work and thrive in their work, so my client can get the full clarity and contentment with what you get. Best steps forward with transcript in hand, regardless of their project details. Believe that every person involved in the project must be secure in their potential for success and determined in what he does.

Email: https://www.twine.fm/signin
Skype: silvio_gajdek

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