The plan is a go (One hundred)-Skin&Bonez (Prod By Skin&Bonez)

Published by Jaquan Parson


LYRICS-/As you attempt to track my moves im already planning my next one. /The best one in my own world./Im on a new found swag smokein a super sonic bag./The weed you smell in yah dreams but cant get to/My time I slow it down so I can master life/Ima perfectionist im always thinking about a plan twice./Maybe a third time if the shit sound sketchy./Its skin and bones that's the title of this man if you attempt to address me.(Hook)/The plan is a go./Get ready for the show./Im never gona stop I think you know that by now./(X2)The realer you are the farther you go./(X3)(And I keep it one 100) This is my first song I put on hear so tell me what you think comment like and follow (I follow back)Thank you. #audio #Hip Hop #lyrics #Bars #Nothin #Major

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