Kidnap a dream-Skin&Bonez(Prod by Skin&Bonez)

Published by Jaquan Parson


lyrics (feels like im cursed everything I do doesn't go as planed/Niggas assume I live good but everything I got I made a plan to get/Now niggas I usetah chill wit plotin on me?/I was just a skater kid/Smoke some weed I see you later kid/I guess the jealousy made em quit/But that aint gona stop shit I be moving quick/Headin to the top/no bulshit no days off no holds bars ima go far see you niggas in the stars/(Hook)/(Dreams are my reality fuck a chase(X2)We in a race we in a race so watch yah place)(X2) Tell me how far you wana go before you reach yah destination/Hell sounds like the bottom so the top must feel like heaven/Im dreamin tho I must be dreaming tho/That's what they Tell me you must be dreamin if you think you can make it like the kings and live yah life supreme I tell em/"I don't even see what you see you the one living in the dream im tryna keep my soul clean im tryna bring the whole team so we can make it to the dream"/(Hook)(Dreams are my reality fuck a chase (X2)We in a race we in a race so watch yah place)(X2)When you the best then they excuses for yah greatest/im up all night really tryna fuckin make it/One shot is all that I need best belive if I see my chance I heading to it top speed/Cuz other niggas they don't/Most people are afraid to dream I dont/Half ass niggas try and drop the ball and I wont/I planed this out all in my head and I don't have time for the nonsense/(Hook)(Dreams are my reality fuck a chase (X2)We in a race we in a race so watch yah place) Tell me what yah think about it might be posting some more songs today definently tomorrow but yeah like repost and follow.Many thanks. #audio #Hip hop #Raw #Work #Song #Dope

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