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Independence, United States
Last online: 10 months ago

Hello! I’m Snipewing, a fan of most any form of music. I specialize in instrumental music ranging from orchestral to classical for marching and concert band, with solo instrumentals and small instrumental groups in between. I plan on getting familiar with electronic music of all genres and playing some of the Alto Saxophone parts for my music myself once I perfect the playing of it. I use the program Musescore for production of my scores and instrumental music (and sadly it doesn’t have the most realistic sounds to the instruments), and am testing the Finale Notepad until I have the money to buy the full version of Finale. If you would like the sheet music for any of my pieces, please email me at https://www.twine.fm/signin and tell me which piece you would like! I will reply with the full score or the desired instrument if the song has it. Thank you for viewing my work! ^_^