Da.South. (Prod. Canis Major)

Published by DoloBoiKeem


I put basically my all into recording music for you all every single night to create the most perfect project possible and then during another late night studio session in my room, I spilled apple juice all over my MacBook. These, along with only about 40 other songs, are the only tracks I could recover out of the hundreds I had recorded. I believe this situation happened as an act of God telling me to stop being selfish with my music and instead of keeping it for myself, just give to the world. This Is Turning Chapters, Written, engineered, Mixed, And mastered by myself on top of amazing production from Canis Major. I unfortunately was not able to buy the beats to take off the beat tags from the songs, so this will be a Sound Cloud exclusive only or my true fans..... I hope you enjoy, feel free to hit me up on any platform !!!! #audio #i #destroyed #my #mac #on #friday #the #13th #dolo #yak #c #Hip #Hop #RB #rap #Alternative #Rock #oddyssey

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