I'm Not

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This is a story about a kid like me and like you. Yeah Ugh So what if gon write about me livin life tell it how I started now im spittin lyrics every night hooked and I've thinkin bout the final fight makin sure I see the right goin blind forgettin sight Yeah I tell it right flesh is how I sell a bite they dont know they chewin till them metal bars hold em tight locked away tryna fight but they never seen the light it was always shinin down a path that they just couldn't try but what is the right wasn't it givin to us molded from the dirt but not a puppet decisions combust flames in the shame they livin in lust triangular mind state turnin em back into dust 6 on they soul like they branded bics in they pocket blunts in they hand and really can they stop it and do whats demanded I gotta make music or I am just stranded This is the way that I started out Spittin heart on these tracks just to gaurd da douubt pitty party for a black kid talkin bout the lord savin his life but look at me now I feel gooood and I aint messin wich you I feel good Because I found the truth But I dont know it I'm still growin and sewin these ripped dreams and I aint loaded so don't be thinkin that I am really a king cause I'm not I'm not I'm not cause I'm not I'm not I'm not everything that I wanted to be But I am still me lemme spread my wings lemme live my dreams said I'm not I'm not naw really I'm not I'm not I'm not noooo This is for the kids on the road tryna live life cause they know how it goes Lookin at the sights see da sun shinin over man its so bright this is why I'm a smoker Cause when my mind open I'm feelin like a third eye toker Rollin through da city hope this moments never over never overrr never overrr #audio #Soloman Northrop

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