Wah Ooo (4Track)

Published by Jared Solomon


This is a song all written and recorded by me on a 4 Track tape machine. I sped it up so I could get that weird weird jah feel. The drums were programmed in Reason and plugged into the machine. #audio #Indie #weird #Psychedelic #Rock #lo #fi #LoFi #rock #Alternative #tape #shit #blunts #emotion #sassafrass

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C. A. Powers (CharricVanDerVliet) @CharricVanDerVliet2 years ago

This needs a lot of work, the bass is blasting too loud, the guitar needs tuned, Amusing background vocals. I think your band would be better off concentrating on tune, time, dynamics, and balance than trying for fancy sounds. Boring stuff to practice, but getting it right really makes the sound saleable. This is a strongly written piece, Worth the work to make it work.


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