Kid Rebel -Talking Angela ( J-Jetter)

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Kid Rebel - My whole squad pocket hot. Like we chillin' on the sun. Oxymoron like a kid callin' daddy son. Expand ya plans like rubber bands a make her dance, hit the snare. Is ya scared? Get prepared for when Young Rebel drop LeFlair. High off a weed smoke. Yeah u see them eyes Chinese low. Rebel Lion out his mind. I got that green like i wife Shego. Bang, bang. Like its summer, swear i keep this shit one hunna. Run another motherfucking verse. Curse the hearse, put in work. A$AP FERG? Trap Lord. Niggas sleep on me, needa nap more? Yo main girl is that whore. Fuck i needa rap for? My presence is a present and peasents need not to question. Inna session with the cotton mouth. Dry, like we inna western. BANG My bitches hangin' in the coupe. Scooby, Snoopy, Marmaduke. Aint no pussies in my crew. 'Cept that chico Leo. Who ballin' like he shoot free throws. From the East Coast with that beast flow. Spittin crack, like "Aye, perico!" Fuck a single, im in the club throwing cincos. Took a nap in the trap like where the motherfucking beez go. Testament to my intelligence, represent. Hella bricks, i got no heart for these hoes like Kevin's kid. Better then, i ever been. Im just tryna settle in. When went from nothing to something. Now u know who that Rebel is. So better put ya cameras up. Ape shit, thats bananas cuz. Believe in the dream or yo kid snatched like Talking Angela. #audio #Rap

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