Iain Collison
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Nottingham, United Kingdom
Last online: 1 year ago
Rock music for the disillusioned. https://twitter.com/Sound_Of_A_Gun https://www.facebook.com/s0undofagun https://www.reverbnation.com/Soundofagun soundofagunmail@gmail.com In a world with so much misery/ keep the dog out in the rain/a younger son always has the elder's path to take/It's ok to find yourself so far away from where you want to be/in a war not worth winning I'm leading the blind/a stranger walking in a stolen skin/they can lock me up for winter 'cause I'm so sick in the brain/as my light fades you're the last thing on my mind/you made your choice and I'll set you free/the truth is pretty ugly/we used to think we're bulletproof/and I'm sorry that I used you/I'll sew up your mistakes/we sit and watch the sun rise/you'll lose your mind right by my side/saying I love you won't do justice

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