Punk (I'm Coming)

Published by Sauce


[Verse 1] I've pondered whats my pitch to be an Internet sensation I call these godly marketers 6th Internet sense asian Cuz it's data and it's dedicated, intricate and patient But with every waking day I strain to pick up with the patience, but Every time I feeling like the slightest hint of doubt I just keep on fucking writing so my light don't fizzle out "How?" Like fuck the writer's block, I'm writing this out loud I might be likely in the crowd, but I'm a fighter and I'm proud, wow I sound pathetic, get a sedative, tether my head in I never measured a success for any record, get it? This debt is heavy and perpetually burying heaven Spare me your parodies cuz im clearly not hearing you dammit I'm using music as a tool to cool my hothead brewing I've been doing lots of stupid nonsense for this convoluted Plot that I've concocted but my wallet since has not been moving ...I gotta stop before I'm rotting in hiphop, I knew it, fuck [Chorus] Now see I been going through a lot of nuisances improving this And stupidly I do insist that this isn't about money While tryna bootleg it I lose like a lunatic I've proven that I'm through with it like this isn't allowed, buddy So buttfuck it...I ain't tryna do club hits I ain't rhyming to front and shit, I ain't tryna prove nothing Every tune that I'm humming is searing fuel as I'm running On nothing, it's guzzled up again, I'm nearing 100, I'm coming I'm coming, I'm coming All you mufuckin punks stunting better run cuz I'm coming I'm coming, I'm coming Nah I'm just fuckin with you I ain't going nowhere, I don't want it Punk [Verse 2] No I aint coming for that number one spot Cuz there's all these hungry youngins with that dumb shit on lock Im Caucasian and asian, aging, I'm ancient and hating the clock And I'm okay not making it so haters can play with the cock I don't got a gimmick so I guess I'm not in it to win it I'ma just spit what I think and not give a shit about image Steady belligerent with hit after hit as I spit it Livid at the lack of listeners that I'm getting, ya dig it? I'm kinda bitter like im sweet and sour, salty But Soy Sauce sizzles, so my vocals go with all beats Overload on sodium, I'm altogether raw, keeping Feeling in a song, flavor's all you're getting off me I wanna rock the boat, cocky like I lock and load I should proly stop cuza my job, but I been on a roll smarter than an honor roll, I'm honest, i want you all to know That all the flows and bars I've got are awesome not so modest, so dope #audio #Hiphop Rap #punk #driving #Underground #Unsigned #Jazz #Punk #Rock #Jazzy

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