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0 Spotify: iTunes: [Verse 1] Why is my mind high on this pie in the sky wildness? I am a shy hyacinth, fire my psychiatrist, die Wrong or right I'm walking right into a fire pit Pyres annihilating my sight in song cuz I'm a bitching Audible analrapist, I follow fits of common sense Fall in pits of false regret, I'm honest when the drama hits "C’mon bitch!!" I don't wanna bother with the nonsense Y'all finessing fickle false friends in a fraud And if I myself was into it as everyone else Then I'd be anyone else And not my individual self And I don’t like the way it felt, so [Chorus] I’ve proven I'm a looney tune, Sauce needs therapy And you do too dude, cuz Sauce needs therapy And ain't nobody sane like they're saying I'm aware that we're impaired and you can bear it with me Sauce needs therapy [Verse 2] Nobody's all level, were coping and calm, chemicals Focusing all our effort unknowingly on ephemeral moments Nothing goes forever so we're hopeless Set in a false sense of commotion but never knowing shit And I'm the oddity? Y'all a flock of sheep Common, unconscious of conning yourself is all you'll be A carbon copy of commodities is all I see Y'all are all just too enthralled to see it's all a dream Y'all asleep, because normals sorta weird Making weird appear as normal, informal and so it's feared But hear with open ears, foregoing the faux veneers Focus on hope and fear is so phony that no one’s clear, and I've [Verse 3] People are pissed off, and I lick my lips all evil Like I'm this far deep beneath this shit storm freak show That you call "keeping it together doing me, yo" But on the d-low, everybody's seams broke And I ain't stitching or sewing so quit your bitching and moaning And picture nixing emotion to fix the grip that you're holding So amidst the fiction and folding over it's simple Y'all a clique of clinical known freaks Just like me You are just like me Yeah, you’re just like me Am I fucking right? Feeling like I just might be #audio #Hiphop Rap #HipHopRap #Dope #therapy #Bass #Band #Sample #bars #lyrics

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