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We’ve all been living life as everlasting Masking the fact that our whole life is in our caskets Our childhood has faded and our youth is in the past And we’re bummed cuz we won’t ever get it back And now we’re buying shit we cant afford, with money we never had Because really we been bored, it’s funny we never have A true idea where we’re going, no belief in any path We’re just spinning our wheels, week after week into weekends afterwards See we live in an era where the internet is God Switch it on, and every idiot is clicking for a cause Our vision of idealism isn’t what we are So we fidget in a fit but we ain’t listening at all Y’all...and we never know what's going on So we fake it til we make it and we hope we’re going strong Though we’re not, so we welcome dopamine with open arms Coping with the overdose, it’s hopeless overall See people love celebrating uniqueness, freak shit But the irony’s they quit when you deviate from their beat, believe it People fear what they don’t keeping Up appearances is how we’ve all been dealing with it Getting even is appealing, but it’s fleeting when you feel it Really if you could see through the bleakness of us heathens Then you’d realize we’re all the same and breathing And you’d be alive when all this fades in seasons Let go of the old friends, make way for new friends Keep all the true friends, do what we do You know you knew this, see what the truth is Keep on improving, through win or lose, oh Cuz you won’t ever get a better life If you been clinging onto bitter vibes And if you bent on living bitter, rise Cuz you ain’t never really been alive #audio #Hiphop Rap #conscious #conscious #rap #relfective #social

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