Road To The Riches

Published by Dwayne Staggers

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Old School Sound Freestyle w Lyrics "Road To The Riches" **!!FREE DOWNLOAD!!** Lyrics by Dwayne T. Staggers Woke up w a zit Still think im the shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯..... Wash my hands after takn a piss Shower down im so fresh im so brisk So when she walk pass she be smelling the kid On the grind putting in work Goons outside Looking for suckas to jerk Every block got a different turf People getting shot right in front of the church Cops outside looking for people to blame Stop and frisk Asking for government names When school get out Streets flooded with kids I hit the liquor store In front of my crib Getting something to drink Getting something to smoke And pray not a day That I ever go broke Theres a time to sleep there a time to nap Theres a time for Peoms there theres a time to Rap Theres a time to act and theres a time to think The Mirror Mirror on the wall said The Best was Me uh #audio #Oldschool #sound #capitaldts #Freestyle #Hip #Hop #road #to #the #riches #rttr #16bars #hot16 #lyrics

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