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"We've crossed the bridge to another world Sweet dawn, it shines on the living dream Bright cosmic serpent now unfurled Offers the chance to redeem This paradise set before our eyes Awaken us to the new sunrise I've got your back and you've got mine As we climb, we realign" "New Reality" is Dayne Herndon's third release as Starseed. The album was created with the intention of celebrating the new reality that we are co-creating as an evolving collective, a reality seeded by higher consciousness, rooted in the natural state of the unconditional love of the sacred heart-space, and marked by reconnection with universal harmony and the natural order of creation, by peace, by excitement, and by the highest joy that we can possibly imagine. May the vibrations resonate deeply within your being; may they speak directly to your soul, aligning you to your inherent divinity, stimulating you to actualize the infinite potential of your creative expressibility, and inspiring you to connect with yourself and with all of life, to live your joy and your truth fearlessly. credits released April 7, 2016 All composition, vocals, instrumentals, sound design, processing, mixing, mastering, by Dayne Herndon. Album artwork by Aly Miller, Jess Kitch, and Dayne Herndon. #audio #new reality #new #reality #ascension #evolution #of #consciousness #awakening #spiritual #transformation #multidimensionality #healing #unconditional #love #awareness #peace #joy #harmony #celebration #revitalization #soulful #psychedelic #new #earth

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