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"We let the feels take the backseat Under the thumb of oppressive mentality So clap your hands to the backbeat Now is the time to reclaim your reality" Check out Starseed's new website at Support Starseed on Patreon at Download the full album at Subscribe to Starseed on YouTube at Follow Starseed on Facebook at Become a fan on Starseed's ReverbNation page at "Galactic Awakening" marks 23-year-old electronic music producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Dayne Herndon's 5th release as Starseed. (That's me.) The release is comprised of 4 electronic compositions: "Vega", "Terra", "Reality Jumping", and "Phase Conjugation". After a life-changing trip to Sedona, AZ in the spring of 2016, I felt inspired to put out an album featuring the tunes that I had composed on guitar during my time there (what later became "Cosmogenesis", my 4th release and the release prior to "Galactic Awakening"). During my month-long stay in Sedona, I had also composed "Vega", which did not make it on "Cosmogenesis," but which I still felt an urge to turn into a full-fledged electronic production. After the release of "Cosmogenesis", new inspirations were coming in, and I knew that in the midst of these potent changes that we are experiencing as an evolving collective, I wanted to honor the idea of our awakening as multidimensional galactic humans, and to reflect our graduation into the greater cosmic community of which we are a part. I put out a few singles in late Autumn of 2016, each single outlining these concepts in its own way, before deciding that I wanted to string them all together as a 5th comprehensive release. Thus, "Galactic Awakening" was born. May this collection of consciousness-expanding and soul-stirring compositions enrich your experience of life, uplift you on every level of your infinite eternal being, and inspire you to always stay true to who you are. released November 26th, 2016 All composition, lyrics, vocals, instrumentals, recording, sound design, processing, mixing, mastering, and album artwork by Dayne Herndon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, cosmic dance music producer, performer, and starseed lightworker assisting in the transition to a higher state of consciousness on a global level. I hope that my videos and music resonate with you and allow you to access and embody who you are on a deeper level! #audio #vega #starseed #galactic #awakening #ascension #evolution #of #consciousness #spiritual #transformation #multidimensionality #healing #unconditional #love #awareness #peace #joy #harmony #celebration #revitalization #soulful #psychedelic #new

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