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!!!Exclusive Vocal Packs!!!

Experienced singer, songwriter/lyricist and EDM vocal producer from Moscow, Russia.
You may hear Steklo vocals on respectable labels like PlayMe, Bugeyed, Bazooka, Straight Up, Pop Rox, Scantraxx, Parquet, Dutch Master, Dirty Workz and many more.

I am glad to offer my vocal production to djs and producers worlwide. Thank you and good luck!

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”
Ludwig van Beethoven

    uniE603 Steklo - Dreaming Of You !!cut!! (Progressive 128bpm A minor Full acapella available)
    uniE603 Steklo - Make me Say !!cut!! (Progressive 128 bpm G minor FULL Acapella available)