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Author's description of a music story “ Reflection “ . 1. Description from standpoint of music theory. Composition “ Reflection “ is a work of music consisted of five parts : Mp - Main part , Ap - Accessory part, Cp - Connect part , Gp - Guitar part , Coda . Correlation and connection of the pieces are composed in sequence : Cp+Mp+Mp+Ap+Ap+Mp+Mp+Ap+Ap+Gp+Mp+Mp+Ap+Ap+Gp+Ap+Ap+Coda . 2. Description from artistic standpoint . A work of music “ Reflection “ has bright – expressed artistic image and deep thought at its form and content that goes together like a complete picture . Emotional thinking runs in light and unforced character with presence of firm image of the beauty and its eternity in the nature . 3. Description from standpoint of physiology . This music does not fatigue the listener and interfere with his meditation . Listener’s psycho – emotional status has lasting phase of attention and will to listen this music . While perception the music the brain creates a special feeling that has the favorable influence upon psyche and as a whole it gives positive therapeutic effect . 4. Practical use of music “ Reflection “ . As a film music . As a study material for Children Music School and Music College. Mp - as a ringtone for cell – phones . Direct use in clinics for music – therapeutic treatment. And also in other spheres of human life – activity . 5. Addition . A work of music “ Reflection “ is copyright . Author’s Licence is № 39307, issued on 22.07.2011. Arrangement was performed by Kolesnik V. V . Music corrector is Evchenko S.S. Computer record was made by Sorochinsky O.I., Ivanchenko Konstantin . The music story “ Reflection” is a supplement to scientific - research work “ Reflection” - On matter of usage of the scientific - research work and music “ Reflection “ everybody can address to author Stepanov S.M. tel : + e-mail : 6. The music story “ Reflection “ was written in Ukraine . #audio #a work of music #Music #Reflection #for #Friends

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