Stereo Treason
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Bend, United States
Last online: 10 months ago

Stereo Treason is 5 guys with unique and diverse backgrounds coming together to make some music. After touring, recording albums and playing hundreds of shows in other respected bands, we decided to get together and see what happens.

Stereo Treason started in the winter of 2012 by Steven Rogers and Anthony Wyke. After trying out multiple guitarist, we enlisted the amazing talent of Steven Whitney, a Chicago native who grew up playing Blues,Jazz, and Rock and spent his days and nights playing on Chicago stages. Knowing that Metal was not the answer to what we all desired as musicians, we decided to write whatever we wanted without the constraints of genre’s. So began Stereo Treason, a band in which we could express our creativity with absolutely no boundaries and no thought of what “genre” we would fit into.

After writing and rehearsing for a few months we found one of the best bass players any of us had ever played with, Ryan Lucas. At 19 years old, his knowledge of music and his musicianship was that of a player that has been playing for 20 years. So needless to say, he became a crucial element to the overall sound of the band.

So began the search for the right front man… After a few auditions, we found the best guy for the job, Douglas Pack. Doug’s voice was exactly what the band needed. His use of his voice as an instrument and his overall knowledge and musicianship, immediately drew us in. We knew right away that we had something unique and special.

We play music for the love of the music! We are dedicated to our craft and we know that you will hear it in our songs. Our goal is to create good music, bring back the “human element” to rock, and have fun!
-Stereo Treason


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