Supreme Virtue - Allergic Truth

Published by Elmo Kaikkonen

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First ever quality release of our band's material although I play all the instruments here. Lyrics: Allergic Truth I'm getting pictures of our previous world Unsure if life's worth living well that's what I've heard In the past we used to have such a good laugh Being pure without no thoughts Suddenly I don't feel so well Maybe we should Rethink the future as it comes Don't just walk away Let the birds fly, don't wear a tie There's no reason to live in a lie oh lie oh lie oh lie I'm getting pictures of our existing world Unsure if life's worth living in its current form Would you mind to take a look at the sky We're taking our own lives I don't know where I'm going to and I really don't care CHORUS + SOLO I'm getting pictures where this whole new scene comes alive and it's not too pretty sight for reality CHORUS We're making our way to the kindom of Self-rejection and what's the cost? I'll be rollin' in times again Just wondering if you could be there for me oh for me oh for me oh for me Lyrics written by me. #audio #Supreme #Virtue #Supremevirtue #Rovaniemi #Finland #Lapland #Rock #Alternative #Rock #Grunge

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