Kazz - CAN WE MAKE IT WORK (radio Edit)

Published by Team Boomslang


Whenever you think love, you immediately think hearts and flowers, sunshine and rainbows, and everything lovely. The perception of love is perfection… but love is blind, those imperfections are covered by that rose tinted lens until… reality sets in. Now don’t get me wrong… love is amazing but it’s only when you really settle with that person you love so much that the glass comes down and flaws start to show. But then, love is much bigger than just flowers and hearts, its acceptance and tolerance, love is persistence and devotion even when the going gets tough. What we forget in love is that, we are still human and that no one on this earth is perfect. We all try, but we make mistakes and those mistakes are what help us to grow. When you can love and accept the flaws of a person without passing judgement, without walking away when the going gets tough, that’s what I call “true love” or being “in love”. You can only truly love someone when you accept them with all the flaws that come with them. Take all the good with the bad. Kazz took a different approach to your average love song with his latest single “Can We Make It Work” which drops this Saturday the 13th February 2016. The single is co-written by Jonah and produced by one of UK’s top R’n’B Producers, Scott Whitman who has worked with artists like Darren B and Dane Bowers. Kazz is on a mission and he’s got so much more to come! But, for now… Have a listen and let us know your thoughts. You’ve heard She’s Worth It, we loved it, we shared it, we even got it to #1 on Zambezi Magic’s #ZimTopTen so I know… you’re gonna love this one! www.twitter.com/mr_boomslang www.facebook.com/MrBoomslang www.youtube.com/user/MrBoomslangVEVO Contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin for further enquiries. credits release date: November 13, 2016 written by Jonah Sithole, Farhaan Khan, Ze Juan Solo beat produced by Scott Whitman Executive Produced/Mixed/Engineered/ Music refixed & arranged by Scott Whitman Photography: Boomslang Media #audio #Can We Make it Work #RnB #Pop #Kazz #Boomslang #Mr #Boomslang #Zimbabwe #Zim #Music #scott #whitman

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